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UCB Club Competitions!

Every semester we will have a competition for clubs. Each club will get a point for every drink ordered. The club at the end of the semester with the most points will win:

-2 gallons of cold brew coffee!

-Free coffee catering for 1 event!

-Mind Coffee Club Competition Trophy

Apply to Enter Your Club into the Competition

Any club officer can apply for their club to join the competition. The deadline to apply and competition dates will be posted soon, but apply now to secure your club's seat in the competition!


Have Your Members & Friends Mention Your Club's Name when Ordering!

Once the competition starts, make sure your club members and friends are mentioning your club to get points for your drinks!


Watch Your Club's Points Increase!

Points for each club competing will be shown on the website and will be updated every Monday morning. Check to see how many points your club has and if your club is in the lead!


The Winner is Chosen & Prize Given

At the end of the competition the club with the most points will receive 2 gallons of cold brew coffee to do with it as you please! For the cold brew coffee, you can sell it on campus or share it with your club members at a club event! In addition, the winning club will get to pick 1 of your events we will cater coffee for free. Lastly, your club will also win the Mind Coffee Club Competition Trophy!

Apply to Compete

Your submission has been received! We will reach out shortly confirming your acceptance into the competition.

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