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We are a specialty coffee shop with a mission to rewrite the mental health narrative and help provide tools and exercises anyone can use to help strengthen their mental health. Mental health and physical health are both equally important to our life; however, in our society we typically look at them differently. We want to spread the word that taking care of our mind is just as important for our mental health as taking care of our body for physical health.


Everyone knows that if we go on daily walks, do strength training at the gym, or eat health, we can improve our physical health, but when it comes to mental health, we typically skip all that and go straight to the extremities and outcomes of what happens when we don't take care of our mental health.

If you type 'physical health' into google, all the top results are talking about exercise, being active and healthy, or different components (including nutrition, strength, flexibility, aerobic conditioning, balance, weight, and sleep). However, if you type 'mental heath' into google, it goes straight to finding a therapist, taking a mental health test to find out if you have depression or are bipolar, the personality disorders, PTSD and articles on red flags for shootings.

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Our goal to serve high-quality, great tasting drinks that inspire. We want to be a safe, positive environment that stimulates our mind and provides exercises/tools to grow mentally strong. Over time, we hope to change the narrative around mental health so that, like with physical health, chapter 1 starts with exercises and healthy habits instead of jumping straight to the severe illnesses.

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