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Do you want to be a barista at MIND Coffee? Click the button below to fill out an application!

We are looking for applicants who are honest, friendly, and capable of keeping our space positive and welcoming for all customers and employees. 

Our Baristas

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The Ceramicist


Meet Julia, one of our amazing baristas. When she’s not playing with clay, she’s making your latte. She wants to brighten your day. There’s not much more to say… but if you must know more, come in and ask away.🏺

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The Honey Hiker


Meet Eloise, one of our amazing baristas! A freshman at UCB, Eloise starts her day with not a coffee, but a hike. She likes drawing Mr. mind with words of encouragement on your cup, and if you ask her to make a honey cinnamon latte, it will brighten her day! 🍯

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The Tea Traveler


Meet Nora, one of our amazing baristas! A sophmore of UCB, when she's not playing with her four dogs, she can be found preparing your favorite drink! She likes to travel, so if you've got travel stories to share, she will be happy to listen! 

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The Water Bender


Meet Monai, one of our amazing baristas and fashion of Mind! A recent grad from UCB, when he’s not steaming milk, he’s sewing clothes and being your water boy. You can always count on getting beautiful latte art from him. 🫡🚰

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The Coffee Connoisseur


Meet Jonathan, one of our amazing baristas and self-proclaimed coffee nerd. He was a professional barista in Chile before coming to the US. When he’s not dialing in your espresso, he is munching on croissants🤓él habla español de Chile

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