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UCB Club Competition

Every semester we hold a competition for the clubs of UC Berkeley! Each club will get a point for every drink ordered, and the club at the end of the semester with the most points will win:​

- 1 gallon of cold brew coffee!

- Free coffee catering for 1 event!!

- Mind Coffee Club Competition Trophy!!!

Any club officer can apply for their club to join the competition. The deadline to apply and competition dates will be posted soon, but apply now to secure your club's seat in the competition! Once the competition starts, make sure your club members and friends are mentioning your club to get points for your drinks!

Points for each club competing will be shown below and will be updated every Monday morning. Check to see how many points your club has and if your club is in the lead!

Apply to Compete

Mindfulness Memo

Image by Annie Spratt

Back to School!

The Fall Semester is upon us, and with it inevitably comes the accompanying stress and worry of it all. The start of a new semester can be overwhelming, and it's important to give yourself time to relax and recharge. Though it's important to seize your momentum in studying, accompany your academic success with wellness by taking a break from the grind to enjoy a warm cup of coffee every once in a while. We also offer a range of teas and snacks to help you take a break from your academic obligations and recharge. If you find yourself overwhelmed this semester, feel free to drop by to take a breath and regain your footing.

We've also partnered with the Unrest Project to provide cute mental health awareness cards with words of encouragement and comfort, so don't hesitate to give them a read while you sit. If you're in need of company, we also provide "Sit With Me" cards to show you're open to company!

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